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info: a Turkish classic
notice: I hope in next update adding multiplayer mode to be palayed over wifi with nerby device
Language: English
publisher: Ahoy Games
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*austrian. Jene, die Reigen tanzen, sind Reigentänzer. Jene, die das Schaffen der Reigentänzer erlernen, sind Reigentanzgelehrte. Jene, die Reigentanzgelehrte lieben, sind Reigentanzgelehrtenliebhaber. Jene, die Reigentanzgelehrtenliebhaber hassen, sind Reigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegner. Jene, die Reigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegner essen, sind Reigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegneresser. Jene, die gegen Reigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegneresser kämpfen, sind Antireigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegneresser. Jene, die sich als Antireigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegneresser ausgeben, sind Quasiantireigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegneresser. Quasiantireigentanzgelehrtenliebhabergegneresser sind jene, die sich ausgeben für jene, welche kämpfen mit jenen, die jene essen, welche jene hassen, die gerne jene gerne lesen, welche gerne die Kunst jener lernen, die im Reigen tanzen.
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Level 1 Hahahahaha this post is most certainly epic 😎 level 1 Hey. It's your mom here. I give you permission to remake the original. The reaction from this Sub-Reddit has been phenomenal and supportive. I don't think posting the meme would harm you. Stay safe buddy. Let me know how your fellow buddy's react. level 2 This. THIS. Is so—wholesime!! 😃😃😄😁😀 level 2 Doin your mom 😎doin 😎doin doin you r mom 😎doin your mom 😎🤮🤤🤮🤧🤧🤠 Edet: u guys this was joke 🤫🤫😱🤣🤣 level 2 People don’t change. You are a fucking whore level 1 This was truly E🅱️IC level 1 I saw, in funi 😂😂😂🤣😎 level 1 amazing meme friendo i laughed level 1 i will always laf 4 u my guy 😎 level 1 Ahahaha Le funni 🅱️ery Le funni 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈🤯🤯 level 1 I feel u bro. We really do be in a society tho. Have an upvote.

Level 1 I don't like the launch or the product we got, but cinematics and cutscenes are not the same. level 2 Reality doesn't matter to the hate train. level 2 Noone even mentioned the word cinematic, what are on about? level 2 And still they advertise that trailer as a campaign teaser despite that cutscene not being in the game. That can't be right. level 2 You're confused. Show me the reforged in-game cutscenes. level 1 To me a cutscene is when I don't have control of anything and I am watching something. This includes the characters doing their thing and talking. They did redo these. They look much better. Also they didn't scrap the stratholme mission. It's just like it was at blizzcon. Have you played the campaign? level 2 there is a difference between a fully CGI cutscene, and an in-game animation level 1 Germans have to report this to the "Verbraucherschutz" level 2 Yeah, so the Verbraucherschutzbeauftragtenkommission can finally get to the bottom of this level 1 Idk some ppl around the internet are saying "Blizz clearly said that they were remastering the cinematics not remaking, ppl just like to bitch and moan" but I'm here like wtf it's in their best interest to be misleading and use words like "reforged" besides the interview where they clarified this was in game Informer, idk seems scummy to me, might end up buying it but it feels like they where misleading in purpose level 2 At the end of the day, regardless of what they say in interviews (which is supposed to just go more in-depth on topics) the website and product page should be accurate to what you're buying and it's not. It's a blatant lie since they aren't in-game at all, let alone 4 hours worth of them lol. level 2 misleading and use words like "reforged" Just like Overwatch "2", you know shit's down right scummy when they start spewing terms for marketing fluff. level 1 This is why I requested a refund level 2 GIVE ME A REFUND but I still wanna play but just out of principal you know. level 1 Wtf is this trash? I downloaded the campaign, only to find out the cutscenes are just the same ones from WC3.

Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster, on mobile so please be;DR at the end. I deliver home heating oil in a very rural and mostly flat part of the UK. In my delivery area there are many large drainage channels or “dykes” in the local lingo. The roads are often very narrow and single track and frequently run alongside these dykes separated only by a narrow grass verge. No safety barrier. Anyhoo, this one day in the depths of winter it was below freezing, there had been a light spattering of snow and there was a thin scum of ice on the water in the dyke. I had just finished doing a customers delivery and was winding in the hose prior to collecting payment and departing. My truck was completely blocking the road as there was nowhere for me to pull it off the road. We are limited by the length of delivery hose, blocking the road is common and legally acceptable as long as we work quickly and safely. So...... I was just waiting for the customer to finish writing the cheque for their oil when this large Mercedes car pulls up behind my truck and the driver immediately starts leaning on the horn and shouting and swearing and shouting at me to ‘move that f**king truck out of the way, NOW! ’ My usual response when faced with similar behaviour is to blank the swearer and pretend they don’t exist. Being 6’3” and 285lbs helps keep most people at bay! I ignored Mr Shouty man and finished up with my customer. The customer said to me “ Ignore him, he’s well known in the village for being a bit of a dick! ” I said Goodbye and got into my truck. As I was putting away my paperwork prior to driving off, I happened to glance on the drivers side mirror ( the same side of the truck as the dyke) and saw Mr Shouty Man storming up the side of the truck with a tyre iron in his hand! “Oh Shit! “ thinks I and immediately hit the central locking button locking myself in the cab. Next thing I know Mr Shouty Man has climbed up onto the step, is hanging off the mirror arm with one hand and brandishing the tyre iron with the other all the while shouting “Open this door you four-eyed c**t!! ” (I wear spectacles for driving! Oh the wit of the man! Lol) Cue Malicious compliance...... He told me to open the door....... So I, as I did so I kicked it open. He lost his grip on the mirror arm and was flung backwards into the dyke up to his chest in freezing cold, filthy water! I calmly started my engine and drive off! As I left I looked in the mirror to see this guy floundering around chest deep in the icy water, dressed in a business suit! I called the customer who had witnessed everything and happily they said that they would give a statement to whoever needed one confirming I acted in self defence. Then I made a fairly difficult call to my boss and told him what had happened and he said ‘I’ll await his call with interest! ’ No bollocking, nothing! When I got back to the yard that evening I asked my boss what had happened and apparently no call of complaint was made that day or ever! That is my story, please be gentle🥴 TL;DR Got threatened by violent motorist. Obeyed his instruction which caused him to fall into freezing water.

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DJ idk seems scummy to me, February 27
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